Infinite Sketches
😀 RISO Publication
😃 17cm x 23cm
😄 Dust Cover folds to A2 Poster
🙃 28 pages
🥰 11 colors
🤪 €33,33 

Infinite Sketches is a fully-risographed publication showcasing optical illusions and graphic patterns made using nothing else than the font “Infinite”. Where typefaces are usually utilitarian, visually displaying text with letters, Infinite Sketches demonstrates how “textsetting” can be used as a rather unpractical way to make illustrations. Text or Texture? Always both. 
Note: The printed colors will come across a bit more vibrant than the scans in real life, especially fluorescent pink is hard to display on displays.

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Ivo Brouwer is a type and graphic artist based in The Hague. His work compiles of experimental type, calligraphy and graphic patterns. He holds a Master‘s degree in Type Design from KABK Royal Academy of Arts The Hague. In 2022, he received a fund for Talent Development by the Creative Industries Fund NL. Next to being an independent artist and designer, he is a teacher at the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht and part of the artist collective High on Type.

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