Door in Grenoble

Handpulled Screenprint
70cm x 100cm 300grams Pearlescent Paper
3 Layers:
Split-fountain Magenta to Fluorescent Pink to Magenta
Split-fountain Ultramarine Blue to Cyan to Ultramarine Blue
Overprinted on Warm Yellow
Edition of 3, Signed (Gradients appear slightly different per print)

Note: Frame is sold separately

Note: The colors here are not possible to display on a screen, the red in the middle comes across as more of an infrared, the paper is slightly reflective and pearl. All a bit more vibrant in real. If you are interested, e-mail me for some videos.

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Ivo Brouwer is a type and graphic artist based in The Hague. His work compiles of experimental type, calligraphy and graphic patterns. He holds a Master‘s degree in Type Design from KABK Royal Academy of Arts The Hague. In 2022, he received a fund for Talent Development by the Creative Industries Fund NL. Next to being an independent artist and designer, he is a teacher at the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht and part of the artist collective High on Type.

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